Nicole Curtis
Jason Cameron
Love it or List it
Alison Victoria
Hilary Farr

The most unique and inspiring way to portray humanity. Portraiture. I love to work with conceptual ideas in order to depict a story with each individual I have the opportunity to capture. The locations, lighting, expressions and personal relationship I develop with each subject is an integral part of the final piece. A chorus between all elements involved.

Be My Guide
Ascending the "Dryer Hose"
Government Island Sunrise
Point of View
Crisp Point Lighthouse

Since 2007 I have been the primary photographer for the Pure Michigan advertising campaign. The award winning international campaign is a partnership between Mccann Erickson and the State of MI. Over the years I have been on assignment statewide documenting the landscape & people. The work has found its way into countless publications and on outdoor boards nationwide. Your trip Begins at

Badlands Curiosity Rover

An artistic rebellion of faith & spirit. Eager to create. Created to create. Rise against the onslaught of homogenization in culture, we shall. We Are Vacancy.

Angela, Hyalite Canyon. MT
Hyalite Canyon, MT-
Morning View. Montana.
General Snus - Thomas Christensen

Travels. Editorial landscapes. The surrounding environment as seen through the lens. The true freedom of a camera is in capturing moments naturally, without much plan other than discovery. Chance process, creative enlightenment, creation. Our surroundings.

Jamie & Novella
First Response Team
West Liberty, KY
West Liberty, KY
West Liberty, KY

Images from West Liberty, KY of Tornado disaster on March 4, 2012. At any given moment catastrophe can strike, forever changing the lives of thousands of people. In the blink of an eye, while we are busy in the routine of daily life we can easily forget the happenings outside our own comfortable social atmosphere. These images were taken for The First Response Team of America. Tad, Andy and Tim dedicate their time to being the first on scene. Spending over 270 days per year volunteering away from the ones they love in their homes. They are truly heros ready at any given moment.

I-90 West. Montana
Morning View. Montana.
MT Rte 191
Vincentes, Detroit

Instagram, Hipstamtic, VSCOCAM, iPhones, you name it. The point here in this set is to shoot. Shoot with whatever I have on me at the moment I see an image that needs to be captured. The subject matter here is generally found objects, compositions of light that are naturally stumbled upon and moments of comedy that my phone camera seems to be a magnet for.

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