Ford EcoSport

Five days, twenty-plus integral team members, three vehicles, a foreign country, multiple climates, layovers and countless cups of coffee…

The 2018 Ford EcoSport National Launch.

Three national advertisements, variations of motion shots all captured with finite time and in our case, sun. Days are short in winter and weather, unpredictable during these months. Being open to a fluid schedule and knowing any “Plan” can and will change will help alleviate more grey beard hairs.

We shot panoramic assets with a Phase One 1Q260 Back on a Hasselblad H5X body. This allowed me to use my Hasselblad H4D40 as a backup and have my H system lenses be the primary glass. Traveling out of country, the crew and I had Carnets issued for all the gear we crossed the boarder with. As a professional, all gear used for paid assignments out of country MUST be documented and claimed on the Carnet. This includes serial numbers and value.

The Core team that I worked with on the Ford EcoSport is as follows:

Global Team Blue, Ford Advertising Agency. GTB
Mesa Lange. Producer, Mesa Lange Productions
Carbon Detroit. Artist Agent/Retouching

Without each one of these team members I would not be able to achieve a successful shoot. Thank you to all involved!



Documenting fellow creators and their craft gives me a chance to experience inspiration while simultaneously creating myself. Every time I receive the opportunity to work with HGTV, I am energized to meet the hosts whom I will be photographing. Their creative process, relationship with one another and vision make snapping images a joy.

Ben and Erin Napier host a Show called “Hometown” based in their home of Laurel, MS and it can be viewed Mondays at 9pm on HGTV.


Goldfish Swim School

Capturing natural moments while working with people who share their passion to teach others. These traits align well with my goals not only as an artist, but as a member of society. Having the opportunity to work with Goldfish Swim School has been very satisfying, it has taken me back to my visual roots of reaction to spontaneous moments. As these moments are candid in nature, the team and I set up each scenario to represent an actual class or structure of the education these children receive while attending Goldfish. The results are pure. They tell a story of an environment where both child and parent thrive while a fundamental physical skill is taught and mastered.



The 2018 RAM Power Wagon. I was hired by FCA to produce imagery over a 3 day period with the vehicle in my hands. Being able to operate the truck independently of the constraints present with a “Shoot vehicle” lends itself well to my style of storytelling. I am challenged to balance high profile productions and also create powerful content with little to no direction on location with dynamic turnaround times. I achieve this by being up to date with the offerings in the automotive industry and having genuine love for transportation. My approach to capturing the essence of products, is to immerse myself in the lifestyle. To think like a user of the product, not merely capturing the imagery but to tell the story of the products through the eye of an experienced user.


Velkominn til Íslands.

Welcome to Iceland. A country so epic in scale, no wide angle lens can showcase its extent. Geothermal, wild, untamed and natural Iceland invites you to get lost and wander. Turn your vehicle anywhere off the ring road and you are “Hiking” without rules which constrain from setting up camp, you are free to find the front porch of your choosing. With only 4 days and 5 nights to explore, my trip (itinerary below photos) was more of an extended location scout for future adventures. Covering the Western and Southern areas of the Island (including the secluded Westfjords region) with a Land Rover Defender 110, my FULL camera bag and focused imagination. The goal; To create automotive and outdoor lifestyle imagery for my portfolio and for the Evergoods brand of crossover bags.


  • Travel DTW -JFK -KEF 3:30pm


  • Arrive Reykjavik 6:45 am 
  • Secure Land Rover Defender Shuttle Service Keflavík Airport DL 446 (ISAK 4×4)
  • Drive to ION Adventure Hotel to check in
  • Head south to Vik, Seljalandsfoss & Skógafoss
  • Return to ION Adventure Hotel for night


  • Breakfast & travel to Fosshotel Westfjords, Aðalstræti, Patreksfjörður, Iceland (home for 2 nights)
  • Hellulaug, Iceland (HOT SPRINGS)
  • Rauðasandur, Iceland (Red Sand Beach)


  • Bolungarvik, Iceland
  • Súðavík, Iceland
  • Tjöruhúsið, Neðstakaupstað, 400 Ísafjörður, Iceland (Dinner)
  • Travel to Fosshotel Westfjords, Aðalstræti, Patreksfjörður, Iceland


  • Travel to City Park Hotel Reykjavik, Iceland Hallarmúli 1, 108
  • See Blue Lagoon along way
  • Enjoy Reykjavik for evening 


  • Wake up 4:30am
  • Drop off Land Rover Defender IFAK 4×4
  • Shuttle to Keflavík Airport DL 246 
  • 8:30am Flight Departure


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T w i t t e r